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Every Hotel PMS needs to have specific features and functionalities such as: hotel bookings and reservations, front office, housekeeping, cashiering, maintenance, etc. Scroll down to find out more about Hotel PMS features.


The three main kinds of bookings are walk-ins, pre-bookings and group bookings. Pre-bookings are quick and easy to manage, the other two are a bit trickier. A modern Hotel PMS must be able to make a walk-in booking fast and conveniently and be able to make large complex group bookings that capture all critical data.

Front Office

Guests remember super friendly and efficient receptionists. Hotel PMS front office functionality is no different, it must have quick and painless check-in and check out functionality, it must be easy for the staff to find, adjust and change information and it is imperative that your front desk software is legally compliant in the country of operation regardless of the country of origin.


Hailed as the back-bone of hotels, all managers know how important housekeeping is: without clean rooms, you can’t check-in guests. The housekeeping software integrated with your Hotel PMS must have proper functionality or this can break your hotels back. Key features you should look out for are the ability to mark a room status as clean, inspected, dirty, out of order, and out of service. Beneficial features like staff scheduling tools and a “lost and found” database are always useful as well.

Billing and Invoicing

Accounting is a complicated and time-consuming beast. A modern Hotel PMS makes it a sinch. Billing, posting, currency exchange, and cashiering functions must be done with minimal keystrokes. Trial balances, ledgers and financials must be easy to capture and reports must be available at the drop of a penny. Maintenance Contractors have a bit of a bad reputation and that is exactly what you do not want with a PMS that is managing your property, a propper Hotel PMS will have a maintenance function that will allow your staff to log maintenance tickets, track progress and manage out of order and out of service rooms.


Judge a book by its cover. Ease of information is so important these days, therefore, a really great user home screen with all essential information is the first judge of a modern Hotel PMS. Some of the key information to have on a home screen are; arrivals, occupancy percentage, and in-house guests. It’s also good if the PMS has an occupancy forecast for rate and yield management.

Reporting and Analytics

Business decisions are based on good reporting and analytics of current business data. good PMS should not only make great analytics of past business, but be able to predict future business trends and suggest relevant action. protel's Genus BI tool will show you all of it in a great and easy to use and understand text and graphical presentation.

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