What can we do to help You improve your business ?

MC sistemi is a hotel software solution provider for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and other ex-YU countries representing best of breed software solutions from Hospitality world such as

Our paradigm: “A modern PMS is the center of hotel operations. Choose one that allows for seamless integration to the best hotel technology available.”

Key protel PMS advantages:

  1. Flexible and Future-proof
  2. Available as cloud PMS and on-prem
  3. Supporting secure data protection standards
  4. Connecting to 1000+ 3rd party hospitality apps seemlessly

Thanks to the power of the integrated protel Hospitality Platform, the PMS is always up-to-date with all current business intelligence. This allows hotels to perform optimally at all times, not having to wait for end-of-day reports to update mission-critical systems.

Our special and most recent activity is providing digital marketing for hotel business - in cooperation with one of leading German digital marketing company.