Guest Journey

The solution enables comprehensive communication with the guest in the time before arrival, when staying at the hotel and after his departure .

It takes place on the guest's phone and without the need to download the application to the phone !

The solution works on both the old protele and the AIR protel.


The main advantages for you are:

  1. The guest checks in at the hotel before arrival and enters their personal details on their phone.

The data is entered into the protel automatically and there is no need to enter data at the reception.

  1. Before arrival, offer the guest additional services you want to sell - UPSELL service!
  2. If your locks allow it, the guest can get a mobile key on their phone.
  3. During their stay, the guest has access to the entire offer of your hotel on their phone.
  4. Before departure, the guest receives a link to pay for additional services; you can make the payment via your phone.

Payment is posted to the last reservation and the reservation can go to checkout status.

  1. The whole process is made possible by Covid-free - a sanitary and impeccable service, because the guest only touches his phone.
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