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Many "guest facing apps" are available on the market and most of them have interface with protel PMS. Check on protel market place.

What do we suggest for YOU ?

If you prefer protel PMS native solution then protel Voyager is the profuct for YOU

protel Voyager & protel Messenger

protel Voyager is a whole-in-one solution to enable hotel - guest communication via email, web based mobile app and apple/android mobile native app.

Other solutions are specialised for Guest facing apps. We recommend GuestJoy.


Let the customer journey start with a personal touch. Send out welcome messages and see if you can be of assistance. It’s also a perfect time to offer room upgrades and additional services, rather than doing it from a busy front desk.

  1. Mobile Concierge
    Showcase your hotel’s services in a mobile concierge. Make any order or request just a click away.
  2. Segmentation
    Why show your breakfast buffet offer to guests who already took a room that includes breakfast? With our segmentation, you'll be able to target the right guest with the right offer.
  3. Room Upgrades
    Offer room upgrade option to standard room customers