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What is a Hotel PMS (Property Management System)?

A property management system (PMS) is a set of software solutions that give hotel managers the ability to enhance their operating efficiency and deliver the best possible experiences for their guests. At its core, a ​property management system​ handles booking, check-in/check-out, room rates, billing, and performance analytics. All of these tasks can be labor and time-intensive when done by hand, so the goal of a PMS system is to save hotel managers and their employees time and money. In recent years, property management systems have increased their capabilities and moved beyond just completing basic front-office tasks. With a PMS system, you can now offer loyalty programs to guests, gather and analyze data, manage food and beverage services and more. But many hotels still rely on outdated and time-consuming methods to manage their property. Running a hotel is a complex business, and it’s important to stay on top of the latest technology to get ahead in a competitive market. Using a modern PMS can help you stay ahead of your competitors and make sure that your guests have a great experience.

Functionalities of Property Management Software

While every ​PMS system​is different, many of them share these basic functions:

1 Takes reservations from all connected sources and puts these dates into a central calendar. This updates your availability on all your channels so that you’ll never have to go through the headache of accidentally overbooking guests.

2 Helps you manage room rates

3 Provides you with a way to handle room and bed assignments, and room inventory.

4 Takes requests for booking cancellations or modifications or room upgrades The functions listed above are relevant to nearly any PMS system you choose. However, some property management systems have advanced capabilities, like:

5 Optimizing housekeeping so that you’re always sure your staff is working efficiently.

6 Managing amenities like food service and lets guests charge services directly to their room so that all charges simply appear on their final bill.

7 Reporting on the statistics of your hotel. 8 Managing payment gateways to make billing easier.

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